I take a lot of pictures, but only a few of them actually get uploaded to the website (see the gallery for those). I've learned all too well over the years that while in a series of ten pictures the photographer might be able to tell you about the distinct differences between those ten photographs, the casual observer won't care that much for all the little contrasting details.

If you're lucky, you'll take a hundred photographs, and maybe one or two will be almost perfect. On the portfolio page you can find my favourites. Not perfect, but probably as close as I can get. While this is really just to give an idea of my portfolio, all pictures here are available as (50x75 cm or smaller) posters, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to drop me a line. (They'll put you back 25 euros each, but that's without postage costs. I'll sign and send the poster to you and in a pretty sturdy cardboard tube, but it could take a while, since it's on demand printing.)

For me, photography is about light, and I think every photographer’s perception and interpretation of light is different. My pictures tend to be a lot darker than pictures by other photographers, or a lot lighter. Shadow can create a little bit of mystery, and I like trying to find that in anything I try to capture. (Incidentally, in writing too.) On the other hand, shadow allows you to photograph light, which is the real challenge. One of my other interests is night photography, where light works against you rather than with you, but which you need all the same.

I deal with commissions on a case to case basis, but I'm always up for a challenge, so if you think you've got something interesting for me to photograph, do let me know!