Photography has always been a big thing in my family. I think when my father discovered I was too interested in using (stealing) his mirror reflex camera when I was about eight he started buying me disposable cameras. My great-grandmother gave me my first hit-and-run camera, but I don't remember using it much. Both my grandfathers were interested in film and photography, something that definitely influenced their children, so I suppose it's come quite natural to my brother and me as well. (Insofar as that he has an impressive collection of old cameras, which he actually still uses, and I'm on the more progressive track.)

I've recently replaced my Canon EOS 400D with an EOS 50D. In combination with the Canon EF-S 17-55mm 1:2.8 IS USM, I think I'm falling in love with it pretty rapidly. The person getting perfect pictures in the middle of a dark forest? That'd be me. I rarely use my EF 75-300 1:4-5.6 III USM lens, partly because it's not really an asset in darker surroundings, but also because I simply don't need it all that much. For me it's not worth it investing in a more expensive one at the moment. Between my 17-55mm lens and my Canon Macro lens EF 100mm 1:2.8 USM, I have everything covered.


My first single-lens reflex camera of my very own was a Canon FT QL (1971), ten years older than I am, which I  bought at a second-hand store. If a bit heavy to carry around, it allowed for some excellent results even after thirty years. Though it had some problems, I remembered it fondly when my EOS 300 (bought second-hand after I fell in love with it at our local photographer's) didn't do what I want it to. Never let your camera think for you. 

Digitally, for more hit-and-run photography, I've used a Logitech Pocket Digital (credit-card size, great for concerts etc., the quality is lacking compared to what's available these days, but it was decent in 2002), a BENQ DC E40, which gets you pretty damn decent pictures for a reasonable price, and a BENQ DC X720, which is small and an excellent replacement for the pocket digital.

To give some impression of my past work, some older pictures. Quality may be lacking because the older pictures were scanned in. (Obviously.)

Canon FT QL

Canon EOS 300




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