About Kim Orsel



... is a lover of anything English with an unhealthy interest in British literature.

... has a Master's degree in English language and culture, and is working on her PhD as an external PhD candidate.

... has an enduring love affair with Cambridge. (The one in England.)

... is nonetheless madly in love with her Gentleman.

... writes. More to retain a semblance of sanity than anything else. Fiction, non-fiction, copy, you name it.

... teaches English language and culture to business students.

... would be teaching English literature and writing novels, in an ideal world.

... lives, photographs, and works in Rotterdam while chasing that ever-elusive thing that is a finished draft of just about anything.


She has a blog she's hoping to get back to.

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She's on Facebook. (Though not much.)

She's on Twitter.

She's on WistIkAl. (Which is weirdly addictive.)

She's on Zoom.nl.